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What you get

  • A visually attractive box right after the intro
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Here’s an example of how your sponsor could look within an email:

The above sponsor box was sent to 15,813 people. 11,165 people opened the email (70.61% open rate) and the sponsor box was clicked 1,137 times. This rate is likely higher than usual because it is a free product.


Current rate: £1,500 – approximately $1,885 USD (see current exchange rate here).

Our newsletter list grows by over 100 people per day. Purchasing sponsorship in advance can lead to significant CPM savings.

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If you’d like to sponsor the Financial Interest newsletter, please reach out via our contact page.

Please note: We do not accept sponsorship from brokers, financial platforms, or any company where there could be an obvious conflict of interest. Please do not reach out if you fall into these categories – we are very grateful but will not accept any terms regardless of price.