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Damien personifies the idea that you don't truly
understand something unless you can explain it
plainly. @harryclelland624

I like Damien's presentation very much. Plain English and
straight to the point in an easy to understand fashion. @peterfeltham5612

Thanks for this, as always Damien. I’d very much rather get a
solid summary from you, than listen to a sugarcoated spiel of
nonsense. @strong646

You’re doing the Lord's work
Damien! Thank you
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @otonyebenjack7677

Just wanted to thank you Damien, I
just opened my first Vanguard
account. @courtenaybotterill5591

Thank you for
your clarity
Damien @riverbluesky

Damien, thank you.
Thats all I have to
say. @zombiezerden768

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